Secure, temperature controlled storage facilities.

Our storage facilities are ideally positioned for your fulfillment and storage needs. Scale space as needed and rely on our expert team to manage and deliver inventory when you need it.

Short and Long Term Storage

Real Time Inventory Tracking

24/7 Surveillance

Case Pick/Pack and Labeling

Product Shifts/ In-Route Merging

Container Loading & Unloading

Customizable Reporting

Web Fulfillment

Over 300,000 sq. feet of storage space under management.

Our three separate locations allow us to build a customized solution according to your business needs.

Ol' Blue

Warehouse #001

TUGG’s original facility is conveniently located 30 minutes outside of Bentonville, AR. Ideal for Walmart domestic fulfillment and projects for central distribution.

Mr. Rogers

Warehouse #002

Located in Rogers, AR with expandable space available.

Ft. Knox

Warehouse #003

TUGG’s third facility is built for maximum high-cube storage space. We specialize in Amazon and web fulfillment services.